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“In the last 12 months of working together, Twiz took our Dog Treats online store from $10k to over $200k in annual revenue through blog writing” – Dope Dog

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“I’ve used other blog writing services and have found that most write low quality articles. Twiz has been different.”

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We’ve spent over $500,000 on blog writing internally. The outcome has been absolutely incredible where every blog we produce meets best practices. Our high quality blog writing services have been proven to rank, generate leads, and more revenue for our clients.

Why Our Blog Writing Service?

The biggest reason our content performs better than other companies is because you get a whole team. An SEO expert who will conduct keyword research and reverse engineer your competitors content marketing strategies. From there, they will choose topics to pitch to you. Once you approve the topics, it is then passed to our content manager who selects a writer with your industry expertise. Once the article is completed, it goes through an SEO editing process.

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Our Blog Writing Process

Step 1.

Analyze Competitors Content

We believe that the first two weeks of any campaign sets the tone for the next six months. The first few weeks we closely work with you to understand your brand, your competitors, and we find opportunities to write content better than the competitors.

Step 2

Pick Topics Based on Analysis

Once we've finished analyzing your competitors and keywords for intent, we will sit down and pitch you 5 to 10 topics.

Step 3

Write Long Form Content

There's no way you create the best resource on the internet with a few hundred words. All the content we write is informative and in-depth. All the topics we select need at least 1000 words to cover them.

Step 4

Edited By SEO Experts 🚀

It's not SEO content if it's not edited by an SEO expert. What that means is every article will have internal links, meta descriptions, SEO titles, featured images, related links, and relevant images.

Blog Writing Service

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Frequently Asked Questions

One of our core beliefs at Twiz is transparency. We believe that all of our customers should know exactly what our team is doing at all times. Hopefully the below commonly asked questions and answers can be a helpful starting point. 

We can handle all kinds of volume for our clients. We have clients ordering 100+ articles a month and others as little as 1. 

Once we begin writing, the turn around time is 10 business days.

A Total of 3 Revisions

We use AHRefs to track keyword indexation, organic traffic, and top pages.

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Our goal with every client is to help them capitalize on the digital transformation that is echoing throughout society. Nowadays, if you do not make the switch to outbound prospecting online, you are quite literally missing out on an enormous opportunity.

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