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$110,000 in Revenue Utilizing Our Sales Strategies

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“I’ve worked with other agencies and have found that most book low quality meetings. Twiz has been different. Over $100,000 has been added to our sales pipeline with their strategies.”

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Christian Velitchkov and Lucas Capestany, Co-founders of Twiz, started a startup agency out of a college dorm room with the mission to provide affordable marketing services that drive results. We went through a lot, and we’re ready to share the strategies that took us fromm 10 to 80 B2B clients in 6 months on long term contracts. 

Incredible Course. Unbelievable Results.

The proof is in the pudding. We work with every client to conduct a successful direct response campaign. At Twiz, we believe that every client has the potential to drive a large amount of leads through our process. 

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Business Startup Course With Twiz

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What You Need to Build a 7 Figure Startup Business

Step 1.

Pick a Product / Service

We believe that the first step to a successful business is your product and or service. Your product or service needs to provide value.

Step 2

Test How Market Reacts

Just because you have chosen a product or service doesn't mean the market sees it as valuable. This is where you need to reach out to your hypothetical target market.

Step 3


Do you know the phrase, "measure twice, cut once"? We take that seriously at Twiz. You need to always be reiterating your product or service for the better. Listen to your target demographic and make changes that will keep them for life.

Step 4

Scale 🚀

Okay, you have a product or service, your market loves it, you're continuing to make improvements... Now it's time to 10X your business without everything being pegged to founders. We'll teach you how.

What Will You Learn In Our Course?

Christian and Lucas' Exact Strategy Of What They Did to Get to 120 Clients

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Trusted By Over 200 SMB's

Our goal with every client is to help them capitalize on the digital transformation that is echoing throughout society. Nowadays, if you do not make the switch to outbound prospecting online, you are quite literally missing out on an enormous opportunity.

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The orange meetings are sales calls for a single sales rep in one week

Direct Response At It's Best

Scale Your Leads With Ease

Our LinkedIn Lead Generation is born out of the direct response program we have implemented at Twiz to grow to $100k MRR within 24 months of starting our business. Not only have we generated a large amount of revenue from our lead generation program, but we have also invested over $250,000 to perfect the system. Our lead generation service works wonders for all kinds of businesses.

Scale Your Whole Team

Your Lead Generation Assistant

The unique thing about our lead generation service is that all of our campaign management is done 100% by hand. Most lead generation companies in the market will automate your LinkedIn accounts to get leads. We believe that manual outreach is safer than automated outreach. Not to mention that it is more likely to be effective and on brand. 

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