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Inside Sales vs. Outside Sales: Best Advice from Industry Pros

Sales are a critical component of most businesses that largely determine whether or not they will succeed within the overall market, especially against other competing enterprises operating within the same industry. However, it’s essential to understand that businesses can utilize many different types of sales, and each comes with a wide range of various benefits

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Sales Analysis Tips & Techniques: Hit Your KPIs

If you want to hit your sales goals each and every month, guesswork and intuition aren’t going to cut it. You need data and lots of it. Sales data analysis relies on your CRM to capture all of the information about the deals closed by your sales reps. Conducting sales analysis regularly is the most

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Person has Facebook open on both their computer and phone.

How to Delete Your Facebook Account, Page, or Group

Facebook states that over 3 billion people and 180 million businesses worldwide use their website. While it’s clear that Facebook is accessible across the globe, your friends, family, or coworkers might not utilize it that often. If you’re in the U.S., note that most Facebook users are from outside of the country. This fact might

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25 Strategies to Launch A Product in 2020

You’ve been trucking along quite well, having good revenues from your product sales. You’ve been expanding your reach and garnering new customers. But you know it can’t last forever like this, and part of your plan to keep growing is to introduce new products. And you have plenty of ideas, but which one or ones

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robot staring

Everything You Need to Know About Robots.txt

Deciphering the code of driving search engines to your website might be a little easier than you think. It takes some knowledge and trial and error, but its something you can learn, and its something that can be useful for years to come. We are talking about robots.txt and how to make these files work

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instagram logo

How to Upload GIFs to Instagram

Everyone loves GIFs; take a look at any social media site, and you’ll see how they have taken over. They are short, fun, and easy to relate to. GIFs are a simple and exciting way to forge a connection with your audience on an emotional level.  Instagram is the largest visual content social media platform

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wordpress on bike

The Best WordPress SEO Plugins

WordPress is one of the most commonly-used website builders in the world and for a good reason, too. It is technical, intuitive, and comes with loads of professional features that let you customize your themes, widgets, contact forms, and even modifications to the CSS. It truly is one of the best builders on the market

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shopify on iphone

Best Shopify SEO Apps

Managing your Shopify store should be a dream come true. A chance to sell goods and make a living is a wonderful opportunity to control your income and branch out into the eCommerce world with your head held high. However, part of owning your own business on Shopify is understanding search engine optimization (SEO). Optimizing

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People working on laptops at a table

Everything You Need to Know About Inside Sales

No matter what industry you’re in, it’s a fact that prospective buyers are integral to the well-being and growth of every business. But lead generation has changed over the years. Pre-Internet, selling tactics were limited to print, radio, and T.V., and field sales dominated the business landscape. Now, with the technology of search engines driving

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field with air balloons

15 Strategies on How to Promote Your Blog

It’s time to join the digital marketing revolution and recognize the eminent power of blogging. Did you know marketers that prioritize blogging are thirteen times more likely to see a positive return on investment? In fact, 47% of buyers actually read three to five blogs on a company’s website before contacting a sales rep for

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Webpage wireframes

Conversion Rate Optimization Guide

This document is intended for relationship managers to provide better advice to clients on conversions. At any time, you can pull this document to the side and use any of the tips listed here to attempt to improve conversion rates. As Google and other search engines evolve to be more user metrics focused, CRO will

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man on computer searching on google

What are doorway pages in SEO?

The simplest way to describe doorway pages is as poor quality pages or websites featuring highly-targeted, relevant keywords. Such pages act as a gateway between users and a website’s sub-par content and offer no value whatsoever to the user.  They are created to be easily found by users when they search for a particular phrase,

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Preparing for a website migration

Website Migration Checklist: SEO Best Practices

If you are planning a website migration or a website overhaul, you should pay attention to how it will affect your existing SEO results. When you make such significant changes to your website, your visitors will not be the only ones paying attention to them. Google will notice something has changed so tread carefully. To

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coding on a laptop

How to Setup a NGINX 301 Redirect

NGINX is a very powerful web server tool for balancing the needs of software or a web application. It’s used by almost 42.2% of all known websites and known web servers, falling just barely behind Apache, which is used by 43.3% of all websites as of 2019. Needless to say, it’s a popular and user-friendly

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man writing a resume

How to Write a Resume for the First Time

Whether you’ve just graduated a post-secondary school or even if you’re a high school student looking to save for college, applying for your first job is both exciting and very daunting. The lack of experience means you’re starting behind the eight-ball. Making enough of an impression to simply be considered for an interview is a

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how to ask for a letter of recommendation

How to Ask for a Letter of Recommendation

There’s nothing like a letter of recommendation that can make or break an application. Whether it’s for a college, grad school or simply a job application, a letter of recommendation can go a long way. It’s not appropriate to brag about our achievements, but a notable figure in our lives can do it. However, we

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Creating a youtube playlist on a mac

A Step by Step Guide on how to Create a YouTube Playlist

Whether you are a content creator, marketing whiz or just someone looking for quick tips for building and cataloging your favorite YouTube videos, this is the article for you. If you happen to be coming to the table completely new to the whole YouTube experience, let’s first get down to basics: What is a YouTube

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How Long Does it Take to Become a Doctor?

Doctors diagnose and treat illnesses and injuries. People suffering from pain or poor health can speak to a doctor and may have to undergo some diagnostic tests to determine the cause and the appropriate treatment. Some doctors may offer advice or prescribe medications to relieve pain or resolve illnesses. Other times, doctors may need to

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Man Reading Sales Book

Best Sales Books – 10 Books That You Must Read

Have you ever seen the movie, The Founder? In a nutshell, it’s the true story of a floundering milkshake machine salesman, named Ray Kroc, who discovers the McDonald brothers’ winning fast food formula. After some finagling and shady behavior, he takes what was once a small scale operation and turns McDonald’s into the superpower it

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Woman on phone closing b2b deal

10 Ways to get Better B2B Lead Generation Results

Are you struggling to get better b2b lead generation results? Don’t worry, b2b lead generation is something we have all struggled with and like everything else, you will get better at it with time and practice. Others always talk about the problem of closing b2b leads. The issue is that most of us wished we

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10 Best Marketing Books you Need to Read in 2019

Marketing is one of the best skills that someone can develop, but it often goes overlooked and undervalued. We’ve created a list of the best marketing books you’ll need to read to take your marketing to the next level. It doesn’t matter if you’re a student, an entrepreneur, or a seasoned marketing veteran. It is

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