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We’re proud to say that you do not have to wait for a long period of time to get results working with Twiz. If you have product market fit already, our paid advertising service will likely generate for you dozens (sometimes hundreds) of conversions per quarter.

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The proof is in the pudding. We work with every client to conduct a successful paid advertising campaign. At Twiz, we believe that every client has the potential to drive a large amount of conversions through our process. 

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Our digital advertising service includes advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Microsoft. Our focus is on providing tangible results and growing businesses as opposed to just driving “brand awareness.” We act as an extension of our clients’ team and treat the ad spend as if it were our own money. The vast majority of our clients see growth within just 3 months.

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We construct advertising campaigns and target users based on demographics, interests, geographical location, and behavior. We then continuously audit and improve these campaigns by a/b testing new creative, copy, and audiences. After achieving the desired return on ad spend, we scale campaigns to increase conversions/revenue.

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Every good market campaign needs a direct and indirect element. This is why we added paid advertising as a service. We wanted to be able to generate results for clients quickly who needed to hit a certain quota or milestone. 

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One of our core beliefs at Twiz is transparency. We believe that all of our customers should know exactly what our team is doing at all times. Hopefully the below commonly asked questions and answers can be a helpful starting point. 

This ultimately depends on the demographic you are targeting and what are you asking from the lead. If the demographic is easy to get a hold of, then it will be easier for you to generate leads. Harder demographics include the enterprise market where there are only a few key decision makers. 

We advice our clients to expect between 1 to 5 meetings per week. One thing to remember is that these leads are high quality, since they are professionals who have already been given your pitch and have agreed to meet with you.

Virtually any type of professional can be targeted on LinkedIn. The only attributes you can not target are age and gender. 

LinkedIn allows us to target the following demographic characteristics through Sales Navigator:

  • Keywords
  • Geography
  • Relationship
  • Industry
  • School
  • Profile Language
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Seniority Level
  • Years in Current Position
  • Years at Current Company
  • Function
  • Title 
  • Years of Experience
  • Company
  • Company Headcount
  • Company Type
  • Past Company

The beauty of a direct response campaign is that you can gauge success immediately. Meaning that you will know within the first two weeks whether or not this campaign will be successful. 

You will receive a dedicated account manager who will craft a custom invitation and follow up sequence. One benefit of our program compared to other lead generation programs is that we focus extensively on nailing the right messaging for your brand. If you do not like the copy that we come up with for you, will change the messaging until we find something that works.

Yes, we will create posts for your LinkedIn profile. The kind of posts we create are called “syndicated content.” Essentially, we will take images, copy, blogs, or videos that you have already created and turn them into excellent posts for LinkedIn. If you do not have any shareable content, then we will create it for you. The reason we do this is to increase the amount of touch points you have on your profile which will help you book more meetings. 

We will update all relevant LinkedIn performance metrics weekly. These metrics will be broken down in a Google Sheet for easy access. Some of the metrics we track are as follows:

  • Connections Sent
  • Connections Accepted
  • Follow Ups Sent
  • Meetings Booked

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