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Use our pay per click services to add more revenue while being ridiculously profitable with the same PPC process we used to hyper scale our agency from $0 to $2mil in ARR.  Call us today or enter your email below to get started working with a leading SEO Agency in USA.

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We've spent over $500,000 on generating more qualified leads for our own company. PPC management has been by far the best performing channel for generating qualified meetings period. Twiz generates companies more sales and leads after extensive testing internally on ourselves, and subsidiaries.

Why Twiz? Results.


Over $204,000+ Added to Sales Pipeline

VP Legacies

Booked Over 50 Qualified Meetings in 6 Months

Home Nation

$43,850,000+ Leads Added to Sales Pipelines Within 16 Months

Monster VoIP

1,800 B2B Leads and $360,000 + Added to Pipeline in 12 Months

Our PPC Management Process

Step 1.

Keyword Research

We believe that the first two weeks of any campaign sets the tone for the next six months. Our thorough intent-based long tail keyword research sets you up for success.

Step 2

Build Landing Page

No outbound PPC campaign is complete without the proper copy. We work in tandem with you to get the right messages to the right audience and build the right landing page.

Step 3

Launch Campaign

Do you know the phrase, "measure twice, cut once"? We take that serious at Twiz. We optimize your copy and audience constantly to get the best results.

Step 4

Scale 🚀

Scaling an ads campaign is what sets good PPC management agencies from bad ones. We strive to maintain a 2x ROA's while we scale your ads budget from $1k a month to $100k a day.

Working with Twiz with Google Ads has been fantastic. They analyzed my competitors, found the appropriate keywords, and built a high converting landing page. After the first month after launching the campaign, we saw 10 meetings booked.

PPC Management With Twiz

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Frequently Asked Questions

One of our core beliefs at Twiz is transparency. We believe that all of our customers should know exactly what our team is doing at all times. Hopefully the below commonly asked questions and answers can be a helpful starting point. 

We offer Google Search, Google Shopping, Bing Search, Bing Shopping Advertising.

We typically recommend $1,500 a month minimum ad spend. Depending on the niche, we’ve seen results as low as $500 / m.

The beauty of a PPC campaign is that you can gauge success almost immediately. Meaning that you will know within the first two months whether or not PPC management will be successful. 

If you’re on WordPress, we can build a landing page directly on your website. If not, we will create a landing page on one of our page builders. We have a full team of developers that can build landing pages that fit your brand. 

We setup conversion tracking and can measure conversions directly from Google Ads and Google Analytics. 

The KPIs we track are:

  • Cost Per Lead (CPL)
  • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)
  • Return on Assets (ROAs)

Trusted By Over 200 SMB's

Our goal with every client is to help them capitalize on the digital transformation that is echoing throughout society. Nowadays, if you do not make the switch to outbound prospecting online, you are quite literally missing out on an enormous opportunity.

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