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Every business should be focused on conversions. The problem is that not every business is set up to get them. Let us help you get there with sales funnels as a service. You will receive a complete micro-site catered towards one of your core offerings. Excited to learn more?

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It’s time to stop hacking together a sales funnel and leave their design to the experts. 


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Complete Sales Funnel for Conversions

Up to 5 Page Microsite

We’ll build a sales funnel that integrates with your current WordPress site or stands alone. 

WordPress Build

We use the most popular CMS platform in the world to construct your sales funnel.

UX/UI Optimization

We will setup your sales funnel in the most optimal way for user behavior flows.

Exit Intent Popups

We guarantee you’ll never have a leaky funnel by capturing any traffic that bounces. 

Beautifully Designed

Our world-class designers will guarantee that your sales funnel looks stunning.

Analytics Tracking

We ensure that your Google Analytics tracking is setup so you can track conversions.

World Class Funnel Builders

Sit back and watch as your funnels are perfected. 

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We Convert Visitors.

Our landing pages are built to get a conversion. Every element of the design is crafted using the knowledge from hundreds of successful marketing campaigns. 

We Make It Simple.

At Twiz, we believe that funnel building does not need to be painful or complicated for our clients. Let us handle all of your sales offers and make you look fantastic!

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We understand that taking the first step with a marketing company can be a leap of faith. However, here are some statistics that should help you make the decision. We have worked with over 200 businesses and driven over $20m in sales (just in 2019 alone!). Let’s add you to this list.

We let our happy clients speak for us 😁

Client Testimonials

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” Twiz has been super helpful in enabling us to grow our brand online through SEO! Before we had very few organic visitors through the site and now we have so many it is unreal.”

Michael Benatar and Erin Mastopietro

Co-Founders of Dope Dog
Mares Mortgage Home Page Testimonial Pictures

“Twiz has gotten us ranked on the first page for “Orange County Mortgage Broker”. They help keep this lowly mortgage broker shop of 13 people running in the top 1%.” 

Cubie Hernandez

Senior Loan Originator at Mares Mortgage

Twiz was great to work with. They are willing to work with marketing teams, great communication and can pivot quickly if needed. The Twiz team is great if your company is scaling up a new product.

Faith Storey

Senior Marketing Manager of SaaStr, Inc.
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“Before Twiz, I was completely oblivious to the power of SEO. I learned how content can dramatically move the needle on your reach to qualified high net worth prospective investors.”

Adam Gower

Founder of GowerCrowd
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One of our core beliefs at Twiz is transparency. We believe that all of our customers should know exactly what our team is doing at all times. Hopefully the below commonly asked questions and answers can be a helpful starting point. 

A sales funnel is a series of optimized website pages that are built specifically for conversions in mind. The opposite of a sales funnel would be an information focused series of pages, like an internet encyclopedia. 

We can write copy for your sales funnel for an additional $200. It is not included in the service, because we find that the company work with is typically better at selling their business than us. For us to write copy for you will require us to thoroughly research your brand and interview your sales team. This takes more time, but it is 100% achievable. 

No, if you are interested in driving visitors to your sales funnel, we can do that for you but it is not included in this service. Our marketing programs are extensive and are focused on inbound and/or outbound marketing. Since our services are so in depth, we treat it as a separate program. 

Not unless you purchase copywriting from our team. This is because the focus of this service is to convert visitors. Since so much of SEO performance comes down to the copywriting, if you write the copy it will likely not have the same degree of performance. 

While those are great services if you have the time, design skills, and technical skills to set them up, they are not the preferred option for most of our clients. Even when you use those services, you still have to take the time to learn them. Also, you need to know how those services sync up with your website. Our team of webmasters is trained to know how to do this with ease, so you do not have to worry about it. 

A three to five page sales funnel, or micro-site, will typically take two to three weeks to complete. If you purchase copywriting from our team, it will take three to four weeks to complete.  

While a sales funnel could theoretically consist of all different types of pages, they typically have the following structure:

  1. Welcome Page/Sales Page #1
  2. Welcome Page/Sales Page #2
  3. Welcome Page/Sales Page #3
  4. Checkout Page
  5. Thank You Page

The reason there will likely be one to three “Welcome Page/Sales Pages” is because you always want to have multiple variations of your sales offer for testing purposes. This is called multivariate, or “split”, testing. 

No, we only work on WordPress websites. So, we will either need to build a separate sales funnel, called a micro-site, or we will integrate the sales funnel with your current WordPress site. 

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