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Every great site needs a great technician to ensure it is configured appropriately for search engines. We resolve all the search console errors stalling your site’s growth.

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We specialize in generating massive amounts of quality traffic for your website. We’re not only experts in getting you more visitors; we pride ourselves in increasing your conversion rates. You shouldn’t be spending all of your time searching for new clients; they should be coming to you.

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With the high-quality content we provide, you can expect businesses and consumers to consider you a thought leader in your industry. We will turn your company into a prominent authority in your niche. Twiz invests heavily in market analysis every year so that we can give you the edge on your competition.

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As a small business, the hardest part of doing business is finding loyal customers. Having excellent search engine optimization is the difference between scouring the web for new clients vs. the consumers coming directly to you.

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One of our core beliefs at Twiz is transparency. We believe that all of our customers should know exactly what our team is doing at all times. Hopefully the below commonly asked questions and answers can be a helpful starting point. 

SEO is the process by which a website can improve its search engine ranking on keywords that their demographic is searching for and taking action through. This process is administered to the site through the form of on-page SEO (making the site more intelligible to Google) and off-page SEO (building links to authoritative sites that increase a website’s reputation).

A common form of increasing organic traffic through SEO is through long-form blog content creation which turns any website into an authority in their niche. Since you have to know website development to do SEO, it typically has a higher barrier to entry to be an expert in and often requires more complicated website work than other marketing channels. 

Performance is tracked by monitoring the traffic value of your website over time using the industry-standard SEO software, Ahrefs. Traffic value is a value derived by multiplying the cost per click of a particular keyword by the number of times that the keyword is searched in a given month. Statistically speaking, a higher traffic value is correlated with a higher degree of conversions through the site.

Luckily, none of this is smoke and mirrors, as we can easily track conversions through the site through Google Analytics and Google Webmasters. If you do not have Google Tag Management set up to track conversions, then we have a specialist who can configure that for you depending on the situation.

This really comes down to how much trust your website has already built online with Google. Trust is built based on how many other reputable websites organically link to the content you have on your site. SEOs like Twiz help you build these backlinks by creating valuable content that people naturally reference over time. Based on our data, websites that have a domain rating of 10+, have over 100 non-branded keywords indexed, and over 100 visitors a month can expect to see growth within the first three months.

Sites that have not built up any trust with Google will start to see growth with four to six months of beginning work with Twiz. Whereas sites that have a large amount of trust already could start seeing growth in as little as one month. The awesome part about engaging in an SEO campaign, however, is that once the results kick in they typically grow for a while which will provide an increased ROI over time.

Ranking a page on the first page of Google is not as easy as placing the keywords on the page that you want to rank. Nor is it as easy as finding the right “mixture” of keywords to rank a page on the first page. Instead, what our SEO process entails are reverse-engineering popular pages that are already ranking well on search and finding key attributes that can be repurposed into your content.

A key idea to remember here is that we ARE NOT plagiarising their content. What we are doing instead is synthesizing strategies across all the top pieces of content and repurposing them into your website. Hence why it is so important to have an incredibly large amount of data to crunch every month when crafting content for clients. 

At a fundamental level, the best way to get a website to rank is by increasing its overall value in the eyes of Google. SEOs are not master manipulators navigating their way around the Google Search Engine. Instead, they are partnering with Google to create websites that provide more value to the end consumer.

Think about it, if Google can enhance the user experience for a particular keyword by feeding that user with better content, then they will see an immediate improvement to their bottom line. This is why Google releases guidelines on how to do proper SEO to make sure that websites perform at their very best.

Usually, it is by posting content. The reason for this is because of the fact that Google needs something consistent in order to measure value. Since all of the sites on the web are not manually reviewed by an internal auditing team at Google, Google relies on its algorithm to do most of the review process. Quality content is a great measurement to use for assigning value to a website because it is easy for Google to crawl since it is text-based.

This text-based format also provides a large amount of value to users. Increased value to users results in increased click-through rates, a longer time on site, and lower bounce rates (all of which Google’s algorithm can measure). Trust is also built through backlinking which helps to verify the legitimacy of a site with content, but without content, backlinking will not result in quality keyword indexation.

Not necessarily, you have to think of technical webmaster work as overlapping with normal website development. However, it is not the same thing. Here is the work we do on a regular basis for a client which requires technical work:

  • Configure XML Sitemap
  • Configure Robots.txt
  • Compress Images
  • Implement Organization Schema Markup
  • Implement FAQ Schema Markup
  • Update for New Releases of Schema Markup
  • Implement Lazy Loading
  • Implement Cache
  • Setup No Index Archives
  • Setup 301 Redirects (Situational)
  • Fix Redirect Chains (Situational)

Keep in mind that not every client requires this much technical work to be done on their site nor is it even possible based on what the site is built on.

Website developers are typically working on feature development for a site and building out interactive pages that might be chock full of integrations with other platforms. Everything we are working on relates to the scaffolding of a website and is primarily dealing with its HTML configuration. This means that we are primarily concerned with how a website communicates with Google, not necessarily the design or what abilities the site has for UX/UI.  

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