This is How the Magic Happens

Meet the team who produces and manages 2,400,000+ words of SEO compliant content per year for our clients. We are laser-focused on being the best SEO company for our clients. This means that we only hire the best people to work on our team. Our guarantee to you is that you will always have a top team of SEO experts assigned to your project. After all, is there any other way to guarantee the success of a marketing campaign? 

We're on a mission to change the world of marketing forever.

Our Great Team

Lucas James


Having grown up in the entertainment industry, Lucas was drawn to entrepreneurship for its potential to make a positive difference in the world.

Christian Velitchkov


Over the last decade, Christian has been making money on the internet. Whether that is through Amazon Affiliates or B2B SaaS, he knows how to grow companies online.

Ian Cathcart

Sales Manager

A well-rounded team player, Ian is an extremely motivated individual who turns everything he touches into gold. He loves producing results for clients.  

Andrew Gora


With a vast technical background, his job title should really be “Chief Problem Solver.” Andrew plays a key role in getting clients results from their website.

Estephany Pagenkopp

Head of Operations

When asked about the purpose of Twiz, Estephany would respond that it is to “do right by our clients.” In operations, she makes sure our clients are successful.

Jairo Rodriguez

Customer Success Manager

Jairo prides himself on always being there for our clients. He is quick on a response to anyone he is working with, and he ensures that all deliverables are met.

Andrew Nazarian

Head of Ecommerce

Andrew has made e-commerce marketing best practices his passion over the last half a decade. He prioritizes client results among all else

Connor Cross

Head of Growth

With a mission as large as ours, you need someone charismatic enough to spread the word. Connor is a multi-talented individual who loves growing businesses. 

Tanner Banks

Growth Lead

In charge of Twiz’s outbound growth engine, Tanner is the face of the company to new clients. He loves making a great impression on everyone we work with.

Zach Stephenson

Social Media Manager

Having an engaging social media presence is important to creating compelling brands. Zach manages multiple social media accounts for Twiz.

Justin Deninger

Business Development Lead

A man of many talents, Justin knows how to find opportunity in everything. Incredibly detail oriented, Justin works with our team to make sure we achieve success.

Skylr Ciolino

Website Development Partner

No SEO campaign is possible without an amazing website. Skylr has worked with brands like Tilamook to create the best online experiences for our client websites.

How Twiz Began

A Bit of History

For the last three years, we have been on a quest to figure out the best way to grow  websites to millions of visitors per year. To do do this, we SEO analyzed hundreds of thousands of websites, wrote millions of words of SEO copy, and reversed engineered the technical SEO structure of major websites. This means that we have also built out a unique database of the results that we have generated for clients. With this database, we are able to learn from what has worked and move away from what has not worked. Our 10 year plan is to get 10,000 websites to over 1,000,000 visitors per month through SEO. 

Ready to Start Working With Twiz?

There is never a better time to make a change then now. Our team is obsessed with scaling your business to be the largest and most profitable it can be.

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