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Christopher's B2B SaaS Went From 28 to 127 Meetings A Month


  • They invested tens of thousands in paid advertising, aiming to capture B2B leads, but the efforts yielded lower quality leads than anticipated.
  • Their in-house lead generation team, focused on acquiring B2B leads, faced challenges in booking the desired number of meetings.
  • They faced challenges with other lead generation services, which struggled due to low quality hooks and copy, impacting the acquisition of B2B leads.


  • They're consistently securing deals every month, thanks to their robust outbound lead generation efforts targeting B2B leads.
  • They've ramped up their sales team by adding three new Sales Development Reps to expertly handle the growing flow of B2B leads, significantly boosting their lead generation efforts.
  • Looking to scale a large team of telemarketers and appointment setters to continue growth

Andreas' M&A Brokerage Went From 2 to 12 Meetings A Month


  • They were primarily generating business through their existing network, focusing on leveraging personal connections for B2B lead acquisition.
  • They don't have enough time to manage in-house lead generation effectively, limiting their ability to focus on acquiring B2B leads internally.
  • They spent tens of thousands on appointment setting services but faced challenges with multiple agencies, which failed to deliver as promised.


  • Within just 60 days of starting with us, they closed their first deal through a strategic blend of cold calling, cold email, and LinkedIn lead generation.
  • They are aggressively hiring new staff skilled in telemarketing and lead generation to effectively manage the surging demand and continue their rapid growth.
  • He consistently adds new potential deals for his M&A brokerage to his pipeline every month, ensuring a steady stream of opportunities.

Cubies Mortgage Business Went From 10 To 28 Meetings A Month


  • They faced challenges in generating more mortgage leads as higher interest rates impacted demand.
  • They encountered difficulties in optimizing their LinkedIn lead generation strategies, alongside challenges with cold email and cold calling.
  • They struggled to maintain a consistent pipeline of sales leads, which impacted their ability to achieve predictable revenue.


  • We built an outsourced telemarketing team specializing in cold calling services to handle all their lending applications, enhancing their lead generation efforts.
  • They achieved an ROI from our lead generation services that will cover the costs for years to come.
  • In less than four years, they became one of the top mortgage brokers in Orange County, amassing over 600 reviews on Google.

Hilda's Agency Went From 18 To 90 Meetings A Month


  • They were limited to taking on only freelance projects, missing out on consistent agency leads and broader lead generation opportunities.
  • Her cold calling and cold email scripts, integral to her lead generation services, were not effectively generating the desired results.
  • Spending 30 hours a week to secure just a few meetings was proving exhausting and not scalable for generating new B2B leads.


  • We expanded her team by adding another SDR and hiring five additional members for her operations team, enhancing her appointment setting, lead generation services, and call center capabilities.
  • Hilda's business scaled so rapidly that she had to temporarily slow down on outreach—a great problem to indicate her success in expanding her operations.
  • Thanks to our lead generation services, Hilda successfully closed over $450k in revenue from our appointment setting, showcasing the effectiveness of our strategic support.
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We Guarantee Leads Through Podcasts, Unique Lead Magnets, and Personalization.

We take a 20,000-foot view of your business to craft a unique and irresistible lead magnet specifically tailored for LinkedIn, cold calling, and cold email. This approach aligns perfectly with your target demographic and outreach copy, enhancing your lead generation strategy.

Once you approve the channel, copy, and targeting, our appointment setting team kicks into high gear, reaching out to between 100 to 500 people per day to maximize your lead generation efforts.

Once the campaign is live and warmed up, our lead generation service expects to see results within the first three months. If results are not as anticipated, we continue optimizing tirelessly until we get it right, ensuring your success.

Why Our Lead Generation Services?

At Twiz, we've refined lead generation services through an investment of over $1,500,000 in developing a masterful B2B lead generation process. This isn't just a lead generation process; it's your gateway to transformational growth without the exorbitant expense of trial and error. Imagine integrating a system into your business that has already proven its worth by securing 80 B2B clients in just six months. These aren't just any clients, but committed partners on long-term contracts, cultivated through a meticulously data-driven outreach campaign.

What we offer is not merely a lead generation service, but a scalpel — precise and tailored — to carve out your niche in the market.With Twiz, your calendar becomes a testament to efficiency, filling up with qualified leads like clockwork. This seamless automation of lead acquisition frees you to focus on what truly matters — growing your business and refining your offerings. It's more than just numbers; it's about crafting lasting relationships and building a robust business ecosystem.

Step into a world where lead generation is demystified, and let Twiz sculpt your path to success. Join the ranks of elite businesses who choose precision over guesswork, and watch as your business unfolds into its most prosperous form yet.

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