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We've Helped Over 400 Companies 2x to 3x Their Leads and Sales From Our PPC And Google Ads Campaigns

There are 30032 people in Fitchburg. If you're not running local paid ads, you're missing out on hundreds if not thousands of customers each month for your local business. Don't let your competitors take your potential clients. Get the best PPC services in Fitchburg, WI


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How Our PPC Services Work

We have a simple three step process to get you profitable PPC campaigns. Here's why we're a trusted PPC agency in Fitchburg.

Keyword Research

Our Fitchburg Google ads specialists will identify targeted and relevant keywords so your campaign can succeeed.

Landing Page Setup

Our Fitchburg web development experts will build an engaging and relevant page to match your offer.

Campaign Launch

Once the basic steps are completed, it's time to launch your campaign. We'll review and optimize on the fly.

Headshot of Co-founder Christian Velitchkov

Christian Velitchkov, Our Co-Founder

"After years of trying to scale my e-commerce stores, SaaS companies, and service companies with traditional consultants... I quickly realised there has to be a better way.

No more spending ridiculous amounts of money on consultants who fail or have no experience with. That's why I spent my own money to find the best specialists in the world for the right price."
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Fitchburg PPC Services

We have a simple three step process to get you profitable PPC campaigns. Here's what we will do as your trusted Fitchburg PPC agency.

Funnel Building

It's no secret that a successful PPC campaign requires a well-oiled funnel. But too many people try to go it alone, and end up losing money in the process. That's where our PPC agency in Fitchburg come in. We've been running PPC campaigns for years, and know how to build out robust funnels that get results.

A/B Testing

A/B testing allows you to test different aspects of your campaign and find the best combination of keywords, ads, and landing pages. With our Fitchburg PPC Campaign A/B Testing experts, you can rest assured that your campaign is running as efficiently as possible.

Bing Ads Management

Bing Ads is is a MUST if you want to succeed in today's competitive online market. Our Fitchburg Bing Ads specialists have the experience and know-how to take your PPC campaign to the next level. With our help, you'll be able to dominate your competition and increase your ROI.

Tik Tok Advertising

Tik Tok is growing in popularity at an alarming rate, and it's the perfect place to advertise your products. We're a reputable Tik Tok Advertising Agency in Fitchburg that's ready to work with you. People are actually paying attention when they're on Tik Tok. They're focused on the content in front of them, which means your ad has a better chance of being seen and remembered.

Facebook Advertising

You're not doing enough business if you're not advertising on Facebook. It's the most popular social media platform in the world, and it's where people and small businesses in Fitchburg are spending more and more of their time. If you're not advertising on Facebook, you're missing out on a huge opportunity to reach new customers and grow your business.

Ecommerce PPC

Every small business needs to try out ecommerce PPC and see how it can help them grow. With our platform, you can get started with ease and start seeing results in no time. Ecommerce PPC is the key to unlocking a flood of new customers that would have never found you otherwise. And we can help you do it. Work with a reputable Fitchburg ecommerce PPC agency today.

Why Twiz? Results.

They say that it takes 10,000 hours or more to perfect a craft. We can easily say that we have far surpassed that metric having worked with over 400 businesses.

Michael Benataur, Dope Dog

”Twiz has been super helpful in enabling us to grow our brand online through SEO! Before we had very few organic visitors through the site and now we have so many it is unreal.”

Michael Benataur
Dope Dog
5.0 from 5.0
Cubie Hernandez, Mares Mortgage

“Twiz has gotten us ranked on the first page for 'Orange County Mortgage Broker.' They help keep this lowly mortgage broker shop of 13 people running in the top 1%.”

Cubie Hernandez
Mares Mortgage
5.0 from 5.0
Faith Story, SaaStr

“Twiz was great to work with. They are willing to work with marketing teams, great communication and can pivot quickly if needed. They're great if your company is scaling up a new product.“

Faith Story
5.0 from 5.0
Adam Gower, Gowercrowd

“Before Twiz, I was completely oblivious to the power of SEO. I learned how content can dramatically move the needle on your reach to qualified high net worth prospective investors.”

Adam Gower
4.9 from 5.0
Will Hershey, Roundhill Investments

"Working with Christian, and the broader Twiz team was great. They're extremely knowledgeable and helped us launch."

Will Hershey
Roundhill Investments
5.0 from 5.0

Frequently asked questions

We believe that if we're not the best PPC and Google Ads agency for your PPC project, then we will introduce you and find the best Fitchburg SEO company for you.

How to choose the best Fitchburg PPC Agency?

First, think about what you want from a PPC agency. Do you need help creating landing pages? Setting up ad campaigns? Tracking results? You should definitely consider all of these things before making your decision. Contact our Fitchburg Google ads and PPC agency today.

What kind of results can I expect with PPC?

Results for PPC vary from inbdustry to industry, location to location. The average conversion rate is 4%. So 1 in 25 clicks convert. If each click costs $2, then your cost per conversion is $50. The objective of every Google ads campaign and PPC campaign is to have the highest conversion rate possible so you can bid the most per keyword and take market share. If you're running local campaign in Fitchburg, then you can assume you'll be able to get about .1% of total population in city which is 30032,

What services do Fitchburg PPC agencies offer?

There are many different types of services that PPC agencies in Fitchburg offer. The best Fitchburg PPC companies offer paid advertising, SEO, lead generation, social media advertising, and more to their local community, and even more to broader audiences such as Wisconsin.